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We are dividing the space into less than a few centimetres of material.

“ The Door “

In a dictionary, a door means a building’s entrance or boundary that is designed to allow people or objects to come and go. In a word, the door is a medium that takes us to a new environment, but at the same time, it creates a boundary between the space and space.

And between those boundaries, something completely different happens. 

Between the boundaries of a door, the air, the lighting, temperature, the furniture arrangement, the behaviour of people all change, and sometimes even the same door, our feelings vary depending on the environment.


Like this, door acts as an edge that connects one environment with another.


I pay attention to this role of the door and wanted to visualize how the number of centimetres changes my environment. So for a week, I’ve been archiving all the doors I’ve been through and analyzed the correlation between them.

First of all, the fact that doesn’t change is that I always start the day in my room and end the day in my room too, just as l go around the revolving door. ( That’s why I created the catalogue looks like a revolving door. )

Second, but my mood and condition were always different, even though the beginning and the end were always same. This is because the door and the environment that I passed were different every day. Even in the same space, the feelings I felt varied widely by variables such as ‘who was there’, ‘what time I entered the space’, and ‘how many minutes I spent in it’.

Third, it’s the same space, but just setting up a partition makes me feel different (e.g. subway gate)

I wanted to share my experience with others by visualizing the boundaries, environment and emotions about this door I experienced and felt for a week. The boundaries of the doors I passed became the edges of the paper in the catalogue, and the space I entered and left became the sides of the paper. And in the process of entering and leaving the space, I expressed by subjective space by overlapping different view of the same space to express that I feel more than two emotions though it is one space.



The relationship between the subject and each person is a very diverse and private, so I hope one poses their own questions about the subject that I deal with. And for me, the most important thing is not what they feel in front of my work but what they continue to think. I want people to have even a single thought when they go back. If anyone saw this catalogue and realized the boundaries of the door, I can find the significance of this project in it.

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